Kad Luang Market (Warorot Market)

From the name, Kad Luang Market means a very big market in Thai. It is the old market of Chiang Mai which consists of Warorot Market and Ton Lum Yai Market. The market is a hot spot of Chiang Mai travel for those who want to see daily life of locals. Here, you can find varieties of Northern Traditional food such as Nam Prik Noom, Kaeb Moo, and curries which can enjoy your meal.

Many shoppers and venders here are locals. It is because Kad Luang is the old market where every shopping things they want are available here. You can find many kind of products in this market which are cloths, food, drinks, equipment, gold, and fabric for your beloved gifts.

Kad Luang Market yet opens at night which you can see tons of food there. It is also the biggest flower market place in Chiang Mai where many kind of colorful flower are here which all fresh flowers are delivered to the shop everyday.

To get there, it is very easy by telling a Red Truck to go there.

Enjoy and have fun!

Maesa Elephant Camp

           In Chiang Mai, elephant camps are also found for many tourist visitors like any other provinces in the Northern area. But Maesa Elephant Camp is the most popular choice among visitors. Why Maesa Camp? For it is located twenty minutes away from the city, surrounding a beautiful circumstance in a valley, the camp is a good place for both elephants and tourists. The camp has been established for over 30 years, so you will be ensured for your safety during your visit.

Visiting wellbeing and nourishing elephants in this camp, you will fall in love in this giant creature for sure. Watching how they live, what they eat, you are learning a new experience to be with the wild animal. Don’t be afraid of this animal, the camp provides a professional and skillful mahouts who are well trained how to take care for the elephants.

Imagining that you are raised up on the back of the elephant, dipping into the river, it will be a good moment in a life time for you to do something adventurous like this. You will be fun to be a part of elephant feeding, looking how baby they are, begging for sugarcane in your hand, making an eye contact with you. Doesn’t it sound great for this exciting experience?

At Maesa Elephant Camp, all elephants are trained to get used to with human beings. The training is guaranteed that they are never treated cruelly. They are trained to learn how to drag a tug, to trek, and to play with its mahout. And you will be amazed how they can draw a painting, play soccer, and other activities which it can surely put a smile on your face.

So, come and make a visit the elephants at Maesa Elephant Camp which it can impress your day for sure!

CMU Art Center


            If you are an art lover, you shouldn’t miss this unique cultural museum! The museum is operated by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. Located on the end of Nimman Road, CMU Art Center is the main art center in northern region of Thailand under an aim of “Live Art Museum” policy.

            The museum exhibits many collections of artworks and activities expecting to communicate to people to perceive and understand more the society, culture, and nature through an aesthetics way. Also it comes equipped with modern technology for getting more information about the museum from past to present.


            At the museum, it provides an art library and theatre for creating a sense of edutainment to all visitors and art hall to exhibit all fields of fine arts study from art students, professors, and artists. Outside the art gallery zone of the museum, it is organized to Lanna and contemporary music show, jazz, classic, Thai dancing, puppet, including projecting movie. To say, the museum puts an aim in including visual arts into any other fields to fill this quiet museum with delightful sounds, to make the museum lively.  

            Just enjoy the show!

Tiger Kingdom – Once-in-a-lifetime Experience!


           As we know, Tiger is a dangerous and aggressive creature. With its big fangs and claws, Tiger can cause you to dead in a minute. Now in Chiang Mai, the idea of the fear of dangerous tiger will be replaced with a new amazing experience to those who afraid of getting close to this animal. You can hug, touch its fur, or even pet it with love like it is your puppy. The Tiger Kingdom is located in Mae Rim District, about 10 kilometers away from Chiang Mai city.

            All tigers are affectionate and adorable. You can choose all 4 of the different age groups of tigers; biggest tigers, smallest tigers, medium, and big cats to spend your 10-15 minutes with and take a snap shots for these admiring animals. There are rumors about the tigers are being drugged and treated badly, but you have to see with your own eyes that the tigers are well taken a good care for – they are active and playful but sometimes feel sleepy. Don’t be scared! There will be a well-trained staffs taking care for your safety. There is a professional photographer provided for you with an extra payment for each program.

Come and experience this heart-beating moment once in your life time!

Chiang Mai Walking Street on Sunday

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

On every weekly Sunday, the Chiang Mai Walking Street or being known as Sunday Market for the foreigners will be held around 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. regularly, starting at Chiang Mai’s Thapae Gate running along through the center of the city on  Ratchadumnoen Road. From the name, it literally means that the streets of the heart of the city are officially closed to traffic for people to make a sale, have a dinner, meet and converse, stroll, and enjoy shopping.  The atmosphere is filled with the image of warm light of the stalls and many old temples and pagodas contrasting with a dark black sky of the night time, being decorated with the cultural northern street entertainment.

The streets divide into many smaller roads and sell many several kinds of goods; local crafts, silks, arts, ceramics, accessories, home decors, foods, and souvenirs with a reasonable price and will ensure you that it is a unique one in the world. It is like the street is a display for those local skillful and creative artists and craftmen to show their own skills and ideas to the public. The walking street also opens street shows for those who want to show his or her own ability to others, such as a Blind Music Show, dancings, and so on. Also, the Northern Thai foods are available here with the smell of rice and spicy and the rare Thai desserts are sweet enough to draw you to hurry to taste it for sure!

So, make a visit this unmissable street of the Northern cultural way of life and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Nang Phaya Sua Krong – Pink Sakura of Chiang Mai

To welcome of cool breezes howling on the mountaintop of Chiang Mai,  Nang Phaya Sua Krong or Thai Sakura (Prunus cerasoides D. Don) stands beautifully with its humble pink blossom blown by the wind.Nang Phaya Sua Krong-Chiang Mai Travel

Nang Phaya Sua Krong or Thai Sakura is usually found up      higher in the mountain from 1000-2000 m above sea level, especially in south of China, Japan, Taiwan, and some parts of Northern Thailand such as Doi Inthanon, Doi Chiang Dao, Huay Nam Dang, etc.
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A Preface to Chiang Mai – Travel the North of Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the most famous cities in Thailand which gain a great number of visitors, making the city becomes a keystone of any trip to Thailand.

Phra that doi suthep - Chiang Mai Travel

Phra that doi suthep

Located more than 700 km northwest of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is blessed with abundant natural resources, wealth of traditional cultures, and surrounded by ranges of mountain. The city has in excess of 300 temples where about half of them can be found within the city walls.

While being a cultural reserved city, Chiang Mai is as dynamic and modern as Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. With successfully combination between rich history and modern traditions, Chiang Mai becomes a unique and charming place that attracts a number of visitors for vacation in Chiang Mai.

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