Tiger Kingdom – Once-in-a-lifetime Experience!


           As we know, Tiger is a dangerous and aggressive creature. With its big fangs and claws, Tiger can cause you to dead in a minute. Now in Chiang Mai, the idea of the fear of dangerous tiger will be replaced with a new amazing experience to those who afraid of getting close to this animal. You can hug, touch its fur, or even pet it with love like it is your puppy. The Tiger Kingdom is located in Mae Rim District, about 10 kilometers away from Chiang Mai city.

            All tigers are affectionate and adorable. You can choose all 4 of the different age groups of tigers; biggest tigers, smallest tigers, medium, and big cats to spend your 10-15 minutes with and take a snap shots for these admiring animals. There are rumors about the tigers are being drugged and treated badly, but you have to see with your own eyes that the tigers are well taken a good care for – they are active and playful but sometimes feel sleepy. Don’t be scared! There will be a well-trained staffs taking care for your safety. There is a professional photographer provided for you with an extra payment for each program.

Come and experience this heart-beating moment once in your life time!